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Board of Directors

Education Foundation Board Of Directors 2019-2020

Matt Miller
Deborah Hummel
Julie Blackburn
Matt Underwood
Michelle Davison
Norma Cervetto
Brandon Carrell
Carie Decker
Claire H.
David Perez
Diane Rodriguez
Kellie Herrmann

Keri Vanden Berge
Kristin Cashon
Jamie Stockstill
Rita Cook
Shelley Gilliland
Tamika Savala
Trent Tidwell
Kasey Pack
Keri Lesur
Lynn Sheets
Jodee Lucero


A Word

From Our Board

-Matt Miller, Board President

The Stephenville Education Foundation is proud to work hard to provide innovative grants to our teachers on behalf of our students. Since our inception, we have impacted thousands students and have funded over $250,000 in grants. Our Foundations message and commitment is to continue to be a provider in shaping not only the future of education in in the lives of our Stephenville ISD students but also in ways in which they can make the most powerful and positive impact in our community and our world. With that message and commitment takes commitment from each one of us on the board. I am humbled and blessed to be apart of a wonderful group of people that love our children and want to see this foundation making a positive impact for years to come!

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