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Each year the Stephenville Education Foundation continues its mission in raising and awarding private funds to support the SISD commitment to excellence. The SEF is committed to fund innovative grants that are designed to encourage, facilitate, and reward innovative programs and activities that support district goals.

Teachers that have received grants reports that students:

  • Continue to remain challenged and engaged.
  • Have acquired new innovative skills by hands on activities and differentiated instruction.
  • Have an increased level in student involvement and active engagement in the learning process.

Grant applications are only open to educators part of Stephenville ISD.

Applications must be submitted by April 1, 2021.

2018-2019 Projects

Building Academic Vocabulary Campus Wide with Flocabulary

Gilbert: Grades 5 & 6 ELA, Science, SS, Math, Health & Fitness

Purchase of school wide License. Flocabulary helps students master standards, build vocabulary and develop 21st Century skills. Using research based, respected, fun hip-hop songs and lessons of Flocabulary students build vital academic vocabulary and key concepts.

Planetarium and Beyond

Chamberlin: Grades l & 2 All Subjects

Purchase of Espson Powerlite Portable Projector and Bluetooth speaker.

From Manual to Automated:
Taking a Leap

High School: Grades 9-12 Engineering and Robotics

Students will upgrade a traditional manual milling machine to a modernized computer numerically controlled machine. This includes the fabrication of parts, selecting the appropriate hardware and software and fine tuning the programming to optimize the machines function.

Virtual Field Trips

Henderson Jr. High: Grades 7 & 8 All Core Subjects

Purchase of a classroom set viewer and headphones, purchase of 5 iPod touch (for students that do not have one)A virtual field trip is a guided exploration through the world wide web that organizes a collection of pre- screened thematically based web pages into a structured online learning experience. Students can tour National Archives, NASA, etc.

Bring our Reading Alive

Chamberlin: Grade 1 All Subjects

Purchase of Letters Alive Studio: Letters alive plus is a supplemental reading kit that incorporates evidence- based best practices to teach early literacy skills. Teachers have the flexibility of teaching to a whole group, centers or individual students.

Learning Beyond the

Chamberlin: Grades l & 2 Cross Curricular

Purchase of BEAM Interactive Floor System, Installation, maintenance, support and parts, and projection system. The system incorporates technology in an innovative, new way transforming indoor recess from the old to the newest, coolest way to keep kids active and engaged while promoting social interaction and team work.

Building Little Engineers through innovative STEAM LA

ACentral: Kindergarten All Subjects

Purchase of STEAM construction set, blocks, educational puzzle, tinker toy, snap circuits. To incorporate more STEAM manipulatives and activities through the classroom and Makerspace Lab. It will allow students to explore their own interest through students to make and create through cooperative learning and allow them to explore their own interest through STEAM.

Hands on as We Learn

Hook: Grades 3 & 4 Sensory/Motor

Purchase of school wide License. Flocabulary helps students master standards, build vocabulary and develop 21st Century skills. Using research based, respected, fun hip-hop songs and lessons of Flocabulary students build vital academic vocabulary and key concepts.

What Makes us Move, Makes us Think

High School: Grades 9-12 Art and Theatre

Purchase of Sensory Weighted bundle, Waterfall, Travel Sensory kit, kinetic sand, Massage Mat with Therapy Heating pad. This project provides sensory motor tools and activities for the Sensory /Motor lab as well as tools to travel with students to other learning environments. To improve fine and gross motor skills as well as receive tactile, visual, vestibular and proprioceptive input.

Puppet-making: Extraordinary Soft Sculptures and Wearable Kinetic Art

High School: Grades 9-12 Art and Theatre

Purchase of Stage Worthy Arts Consultation and Training Materials, puppets and travel to attend training. This project builds on grants that the Ed Foundation has funded in the past by giving students an opportunity to take the skills learned in art and theatre and combine these efforts to create a unique learning opportunity for advanced students.

Room Transformations

Chamberlin: First Grade Teachers

Purchase of Room Transformation Materials. Taking what children love and morphing it into an academic application. Room transformations make lessons unpredictable and unforgettable for all students. Our goal is to suspend our student’s reality.

Setting the Stage

Hook: Grades 3 & 4 14 sections of Third Grade Reading

Purchase of school wide License. Flocabulary helps students master standards, build vocabulary and develop 21st Century skills. Using research based, respected, fun hip-hop songs and lessons of Flocabulary students build vital academic vocabulary and key concepts.

#3D eyes

Chamberlin: First Grade All Subjects

Purchase of a Toybox 30 Deluxe Bundle Printer and Printer food. Toybox 30 printer incorporates technology with tactile, visual and auditory learning in an innovative new way, and transforming our out dated learning stations into the modern world classroom. Students will collaborate and learn in a fun, hand-on way, while utilizing the benefits for technology.

Mentoring Young Minds

Hook: Grades 3 & 4 Spanish Language Arts and Reading

Purchase of reading materials. Spanish/English book sets. This project would bring together 3rd grade and pre-K students. It will strengthen the student’s bi-literacy skills as well as reading skills. 3rd graders will read rich, authentic Spanish and English literature to the Pre-K students. They will also make QR codes of themselves reading to send to the Pre-K students and they will also read books aloud to them in person 2 times a year.

Full STEAM Ahead

Hook: Grades 3 & 4 All Subjects

Purchase of Cubelets, Sphero, Education Lego, Make Wonder, Merge Cube sets. To be used in the library for multiple activities and through checkout by teacher in classrooms. Students will engage in activities using a variety of technology based items. The facilitator will provide students and teachers with coaching throughout the day for engagement with technology.

Marbotics- One giant leap for learning

Central: Pre-K All Subjects

Purchase of Marbotics Letters and Numbers. Marbotics by Apple brings both technology and hands on physical play to the Pre-K classroom to enhance student engagement while instilling a love for technology. This program enhances letter recognition along with number sense and student engagement during small group learning time.

SANOXY Phone Retro Handset

Chamberlin: Second Grade All Subjects

Purchase 125 Retro phone handset for iPads. The SANOXY combines old school style phone with new technology. These handsets work like a microphone and headphones. They plug into a device and students can record into them, plus hear through them. They amplify the speaker’s voice and minimize background noise. They work not only with the desktop computers but with the iPads.

Watch Us Grow - Phase one

Hook: Grades 3 & 4 Reading and Writing

Purchase of supplies for a multi-functional outdoor learning space. Create a multi-functional outdoor space using simple nature based elements. This outdoor space will be used to increase higher level thinking, explore and interact with nature, hands-on environmental learning and building a connection between school and community.

Rolling Up the Rigor with Robots

Chamberlin: Grade 1 All Subjects

Purchase of Sphero. Sphero is an exciting little robot designed for use by young children. It is the perfect tool for teaching directionality, sequencing, estimation, problem solving, and many other critical skills. This will be used daily in reading and math rotations. Students will engage in teacher created robot obstacle courses.

Osmo-Real play, real learning

Chamberlin: Grade 1 All Subjects

Purchase of Words, Numbers and Tangrams, pizza money. Osmo transforms traditional learning to an innovative war of learning by combining hands on manipulation with technology to create an engaging experience. It provides individual self-paced practice for enrichment or intervention to ensure all students reach their highest potential.

I Spy Learning in Disguise at Hook

Hook: Grades 3 & 4

Purchase of selected games and activities. Learning much like vegetables on a toddler’s plate can be disguised with the right tools. This is where game based learning comes into play. By taking something familiar to students, a board game and infusing it with a new concept being introduced in the classroom, students are automatically more willing and intrigued to try it.

Lightbox Lumination

Hook: Grades 3 & 4 All Subjects

Purchase of 40 Lightboxes plus cataloging and processing. Digital book delivered to students and teachers in an interactive educational platform. Features empower a student-centered learning experience in one easy to use environment, improving reading comprehension, vocabulary skills and increasing literacy development.

The Sensory Path to Learning

Hook: Grades 3 & 4 Special Education & General Education

Purchase and installation of sensory path. Sensory paths are exercises designed to stimulate specific senses in children and form neural pathways to help them learn and develop. It addresses 5 main senses, while also stimulating spatial awareness and balance. This will help provide students with proprioceptive and vestibular input which helps them be able to refocus and attend and helps increase cognition and retention of new information.

Music Literacy with Ukuleles

High School: Grades 9-12 Music Appreciation

Purchase of Ukulele, replacement strings. Students will have hands on experience creating music with ukuleles as well as learning the basics of music reading knowledge and preparing a pre-selected song in class. Students will also learn the history behind ukuleles and their origins.

Boogy Woogy Lab

Hook: Grades 3 & 4 Gross Motor & Fine Motor Skills

Purchase of Musical Squares and Wireless Bubble Tube. Stimulating senses in children helps develop cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically and creatively. Hook Elementary’ s innovative Motor and Sensory Lab that already exists has proven to be more than beneficial to our life skills students resulting in more focus students. With the addition of musical squares for motor movement and a bubble tube for visual stimulation the sensory lab will be complete for their bodies and minds.

Cardboard Fabrication Incorporating the 3R's

Hook: Grades 3 & 4 All Subjects

Purchase of Fabrication Station, Makedo Cardboard tools, Titlewave Literature for cardboard creating. Students and teachers will have access to this comprehensive maker kit during morning makers, throughout the day and in the Fab Lab. The station will have a small variety of materials for the students to fabricate creations using cardboard.

Technology + Art = LogiTech Crayons

Hook: Grades 3 & 4 Technology & Art

Purchase of LogiTech crayons, charging station, cable, spare parts covers and tips.

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