Dig Into Pre-K with the Letter People

Develop. Inspire. Grow. 

Those are the three words you will find on the “DIG PRE-K” website at frogstreet.com

Designed for early learners, this program is centered around preparing kids to become successful kindergartners! Specifically focused on The Letter People Puppets, five teachers of Central Elementary rallied together and applied for a grant with the hopes of landing the funds to implement this innovative program into their classrooms. 

What are the Letter People Puppets? 

These kid-friendly, kid-durable puppets are good friends, language buddies, learning partners…and just plain fun! Based on 30 years of classroom research and testing, these special friends get children talking, moving, interacting, experimenting, drawing, counting, and ultimately, reading and writing.

Children of all ages form an immediate connection with the cute and quirky Letter People Puppets. They want to learn all about their new friends, and when they do, they are also learning letter names, letter sounds, and a wide variety of oral language skills.

What Is Frog Street?

​​Frog Street Pre-K curriculum is a comprehensive, dual-language program designed to meet the needs of diverse learners while supporting 10 learning domains. This engaging, interactive program celebrates the joy of learning while children travel down the road to success.

Why was this important to the Central Elementary Pre-K Teachers? 

A word from Teacher, Amber Monk:

“Pre K has been missing an outside, research-based resource for several years now. We, as a Pre K team, have worked very hard to construct lessons and activities that engage our children, but the innovative edge of having an actual research-based tool to help us DIG even further into Pre K would be an asset that would benefit all Pre K teachers and students simultaneously.”

To learn more about The Letter People Puppets and the Frog Street curriculum, you can visit: https://www.frogstreet.com/curriculum/dig-pre-k/

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