Gratitude for Staff Support

Each year, the Stephenville ISD staff has the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to education by donating to the Stephenville Education Foundation Staff Giving Program. We are so grateful for those who work closely together with the SEF by getting involved to make a difference.

Thank You to Staff Who Donate

There are over 120 staff members that currently donate to Stephenville Education Foundation. We are so thankful for your support, dedication, and donation. As an educator, you know firsthand what it takes to create an innovative and successful learning experience. As an employee of Stephenville ISD, you are a vital component of our student’s success.

Reasons to Donate

The mission of the Stephenville Education Foundation is to ensure advancement and excellence for local education through advocacy, innovative curriculum, and valuable community outreach.

SEF was formed by caring and committed citizens with a vision to enhance educational opportunities and student success in Stephenville Independent School District. The foundation supports activities not funded by tax revenue to cultivate and support innovation to benefit students and staff alike. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt philanthropic organization. A volunteer board of directors composed of business, community, and educational leaders governs the foundation.

Benefits of Supporting

SEF underwrites a state of the art curriculum that enhances the required curriculum and broadens the range of students’ educational experience. Stephenville ISD teachers are empowered with creative and innovative projects through competitively awarded grants each year. Critical thinking skills, independence, and accountability all stem from adequate education. By supporting local education efforts, businesses can look forward to a responsible workforce. Community support through parents, teachers, educational foundations, and community leaders improves student attendance, grades, and district achievements.

By working together, schools, families, and communities can prepare for a more promising future. When the whole community participates and agrees to work toward a constructive goal, everyone benefits.

Help Stephenville Education Take Flight

We want to invite you to participate in the SISD Staff Giving Program and help us continue putting education first in our community!

Every dollar donated to the Stephenville Education Foundation is given back to our district through innovative educational grants. Signing up for the Staff Giving Program is easy and starts at as little as $5 per month! Consider getting involved and making a difference in Stephenville ISD. Large or small, every dollar matters because every student matters. Together, let’s make education take flight!

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