Let's Get Series-ious About Reading

43 million US adults possess low literacy skills. 

Children who read at least 20 minutes a day are exposed to almost 2 million words per year. Those kids that engage in 20 minutes of reading a day, statistics show, are likely to score better than 90% of their peers on standardized tests. Reading increases emotional intelligence, and consequently, your career prospects. Teacher Lisa West at Hook Elementary knows that students need to be encouraged to read and wanted to do something about it.

We heard.

SEF was able to provide a grant to allow for students to be encouraged to complete books in a series through Book Clubs, a record-keeping process (bookmarks with series lists), and campus recognition. 

In what ways does Plugo implement learning? 

This will provide opportunities for students to set goals and enact challenges, expanding their knowledge, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. The grant provides an innovative approach encouraging all students to take an active role and direction in their learning. Typically Accelerated Reading has provided motivation for most students through a point and percentage approach. The awarding and implementation of this grant will provide a unique type of motivation. All students will be able to participate at their own academic level, with selection, reading, and goal-setting being initiated and pursued by individual students.

This grant directly correlates to many of the district’s goals. Students will take the initiative to establish relationships through literature with their peers, grow as readers, and personalize their learning experiences. The purchase of newly developed augmented reality literature adds an additional level of technology enhancements to the student’s learning. According to a report conducted using 33 highly qualified studies, students prefer paper over online texts (hechingerreport.org). This is especially important when looking at a student’s overall comprehension while reading non-fiction. In addition, students frequently ask if there are other books in a series when selecting books. The desire to complete a task, such as reading an entire series, promotes and encourages future reading.

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