Teachers of Chamberlin Elementary have opted for an innovative, award-winning device to boost their little learners’ potential. Pairing to the ipad, students can engage and collaborate hands-on. The Plugo hardware is changing the way young students are learning and creating while using technology. 

In combination with Stephenville ISD’s ichampion movement, tactile learning and technology comes together to allow students to learn in an innovative, challenging environment. Students learning to use the ipad helps set them up for efficient futures.  

SEF was able to provide a grant to allow for Plugo to be brought into the classrooms, aiding students in improving skills necessary to improve TEKS scores, tactile learning, and student collaboration.

What is Plugo?

Plugo is an award-winning new hardware gaming device that pairs to the Ipad allowing students, specifically ages 4-10, to collaborate and learn in a creative, fun, and hands-on way. After downloading the FREE apps, the children can physically manipulate learning tiles for three games in the Plugo STEM Wiz Pack, including Letters, Count, and Link. Plugo “sees” what the kids are doing and transfers it to the Ipad through using a magnetic playboard and game pieces. While the STEM pack comes with three games that allow learning across the curriculum, there are additional games that can be purchased separately.

Plugo presents ways to help students learn using the Ipad that are beneficial and fun.

  1. Plugo aligns perfectly with HB3 and the Science of Reading.
  2. Plugo takes full advantage of learning through technology with this innovative and interactive iPad gaming system which reaches TEKS across the curriculum.
  3. Plugo provides students tiles to physically manipulate, allowing students to fulfill the much-needed tactile learning style.

In what ways does Plugo implement learning?

Learning stations are set up in the classroom with 4-5 students per station and students rotate through each station. One station will be dedicated to one of the Plugo games during an ELA or Math station using specific Plugo Ipads issued through the district. Individual student Ipads will be reserved for other stations that might require the use of technology, such as Accelerated Reading. Plugo has a “Letters” game that can be used in literacy stations/guided reading and also has a “Count” game that can be used in math stations/guided math. Additionally, there is a “Link” game that is perfect for helping students learn to use their critical thinking skills.

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