The Budget Challenge

We have all heard people talk about things that “they just don’t teach you in school”. In many cases, it is regarding financial responsibility and management. However, Kristin Aparicio of Stephenville High School has taken the initiative to make sure that her students are being challenged in realistic ways that can help them learn the task of budgeting. 

Posing for a grant to go towards the Budget Challenge, she saw the value in giving students the ability to gain skills they need to create a successful future. They not only learn to manage their money on a weekly basis, but are also taught about savings and how to manage a portfolio of stock, bond, and mutual funds.

What is The Budget Challenge?

The Budget Challenge is an award-winning 10-week simulation that gives your students the experience of receiving a paycheck, writing checks, paying bills, buying insurance, managing a credit card, and participating in a 401(k).

What does it have to offer?

The award-winning program is unique in that students learn money management by actually managing the finances of an independent working young adult for ten weeks in real-time. Advanced teacher tools, self-scoring authentic assessments, high student engagement, and opportunities to engage parents, together, create financially capable young adults. On-demand training and live support for teachers AND students ensure successful and problem-free implementation.

Exploring the Program

Students manage their finances while receiving meaningful feedback via the Student Dashboard. 

Trophies recognize accomplishments of key goals of managing credit, paying down debt, creating an emergency fund, and investing for retirement. 

The Teacher Dashboard allows for the teacher to see student progress, class performance and engagement, as well as identifies tools to help assist students in areas that they need attention. 

The Budget Challenge is all part of the innovation and knowledge that SEF strives to enhance. By receiving the grant for The Budget Challenge, students are given a valuable opportunity that will truly last the rest of their lives! We are so proud and honored to be able to help give our students these kinds of learning experiences. 

We are thankful to all who have contributed to these types of projects by giving.

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